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Monday, 03 February, 2020
Mega G3 2 system for detecting gold, diamond, gemstones, etc. (Abu Dhabi, Amman) Mega G3 by Mega Locators This professional device can search in the long-range sensor system and
ionic scan system. Up to 2000 meters in long-range and 40 meters depths underground, With 5 years
warranty and made in Germany. Can search in 8 programs: Gol...
Titan Ger 1000 3D imaging for detecting gold, gemstones, diamond, metals, etc. (Abu Dhabi, Amman) Titan Ger 1000 by Ger Detect This professional device works in 5 systems. The 3D imaging system,
long-range sensor system, ionic scan system, Magnetometer system, and pulse induction system. Up to
2500 meters in long-range and 45 meters depths undergrou...